National Emblems £1 Coins

As with all sets of one pound coins, there are 4 coins to represent England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Each coin designed by Norman Sillman show a national emblem. The set comprising of Lion Rampant for Scotland, Dragon passant for Wales, A Celtic Cross with a Pimpernel Flower for Northern Ireland and Three Lions passant guardant for England were issued in 2 different years, 5 years apart.

National Emblems £1 Coins3 of the coins have total mintage figures above 100 million, with the Lion Rampant design being the least common with a total of 29,752,525 coins entering circulation.
Lion Rampant
Coin Name: Lion Rampant
Rare Rank: 10
Checker Chance: 1 in 80 coins
Circulation: 29752525
Dragon passant
Coin Name: Dragon passant
Rare Rank: 19
Checker Chance: 1 in 15 coins
Circulation: 144000001
A Celtic Cross with a Pimpernel Flower
Coin Name: A Celtic Cross with a Pimpernel Flower
Rare Rank: 18
Checker Chance: 1 in 17 coins
Circulation: 153854065
Three Lions passant guardant
Coin Name: Three Lions passant guardant
Rare Rank: 17
Checker Chance: 1 in 18 coins
Circulation: 134935450

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