London Underground £2 Coins

The London Underground or "The Tube" is a network of rail lines that run under London and the surrounding area. The London Underground opened on the 10th January 1863 and was marked by this 2 coin set on the 150th anniversary of the opening.

London Underground £2 CoinsIn 2013 The Royal Mint issued a two coin commemorative pack inspired by iconic Tube map. At the time this cost £20.
2013 London Underground - Train
Coin Name: 2013 London Underground - Train
Rare Rank: 13
Guide Value: 4.07
Checker Chance: 1 in 417 coins
Circulation: 1690000
2013 London Underground - Roundel
Coin Name: 2013 London Underground - Roundel
Rare Rank: 11
Guide Value: 4.37
Checker Chance: 1 in 528 coins
Circulation: 1560000
tube station air raid shelterThe tunnels and trains have been a big part of London during this time, with millions of people using the network every day. During the Second World War, some of the stations were used as bomb shelters.

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