Bridges £1 Coins

As with all sets of one pound coins, there are 4 coins to represent England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

2004 to 2007, over 4 years, 4 UK bridges appeared on 4 coins. Which coins depict which bridges, what makes them special and where are they?

The first coin in the series designed by Edwina Ellis and issued in 2004 shows the Forth Railway Bridge that crosses the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland near Edinburgh. The bridge which is 2467 meters long took 8 years to complete and opened on the 4th of March 1890.

Bridges £1 CoinsIn 2005 the second coin featured Menai Suspension Bridge in Wales, Completed in 1826 and built to connect mainland Wales with the island of Anglesey. The bridge spans the Menai Straits and is 417 meters long.
2007 Gateshead Millennium Bridge
Coin Name: 2007 Gateshead Millennium Bridge
Rare Rank: 11
Checker Chance: 1 in 76 coins
Circulation: 26180160
2004 Forth Railway Bridge
Coin Name: 2004 Forth Railway Bridge
Rare Rank: 12
Checker Chance: 1 in 56 coins
Circulation: 39162000
2005 Menai Bridge
Coin Name: 2005 Menai Bridge
Rare Rank: 16
Checker Chance: 1 in 21 coins
Circulation: 99429500
2006 Egyptian Arch Railway Bridge
Coin Name: 2006 Egyptian Arch Railway Bridge
Rare Rank: 13
Checker Chance: 1 in 53 coins
Circulation: 38938000

In 2006 the third coin featured the Egyptian Arch Railway Bridge in Newry, Northern Ireland. The bridge that now passes over a two lane road is constructed in stone and was completed in 1851.

In 2007 the fourth coin featured Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne, England. This modern tilt bridge spans 126 meters over the River Tyne and carries pedestrians and cyclists. It opened in September 2001.

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