Other £2 Coins

These are the £2 coins that are not part of a set of coins. Most are commemorative coins produced to mark a single event and issued in a single year. Only two coins are not commemorative, one being the very common History of Technological Achievement which has been minted since 1997 and entered circulation as the first 2 pound coin in 1998.

The other is the new Britannia released in 2015 with a circulation in that year of 650,000. This coin has also entered circulation in 2016 so could well continue for a number of years just like the History of Technological Achievement. Some of the coins produced in 2016 had a die error which meant that the head was close to upside down when the coin was turned over.

Other £2 CoinsThe 2016 coin that marks the 350th anniversary of The Great Fire of London was sold for £10 in a display folder with interesting facts about the fire that swept through London in 1666.
2005 In Victory Magnanimity in Peace Goodwill
Coin Name: 2005 In Victory Magnanimity in Peace Goodwill
Rare Rank: 31
Guide Value: 2.75
Checker Chance: 1 in 60 coins
Circulation: 10191000
History of Technological Achievement
Coin Name: History of Technological Achievement
Rare Rank: 32
Guide Value: 2.19
Circulation: 416121838
Coin Name: Britannia
Rare Rank: 14
Guide Value: 8.75
Checker Chance: 1 in 295 coins
Circulation: 1300000
1999 Rugby World Cup
Coin Name: 1999 Rugby World Cup
Rare Rank: 20
Guide Value: 3.52
Checker Chance: 1 in 242 coins
Circulation: 4933000
2001 Wireless Transmission
Coin Name: 2001 Wireless Transmission
Rare Rank: 23
Guide Value: 2.98
Checker Chance: 1 in 164 coins
Circulation: 4558000
2003 Discovery of DNA
Coin Name: 2003 Discovery of DNA
Rare Rank: 21
Guide Value: 3.84
Checker Chance: 1 in 207 coins
Circulation: 4299000
2004 Steam Locomotive
Coin Name: 2004 Steam Locomotive
Rare Rank: 16
Guide Value: 3.52
Checker Chance: 1 in 281 coins
Circulation: 5004500
2005 Gunpowder Plot
Coin Name: 2005 Gunpowder Plot
Rare Rank: 12
Guide Value: 3.29
Checker Chance: 1 in 460 coins
Circulation: 5140500
2007 Act of Union
Coin Name: 2007 Act of Union
Rare Rank: 27
Guide Value: 3.52
Checker Chance: 1 in 97 coins
Circulation: 7545000
2007 Abolition of the Slave Trade
Coin Name: 2007 Abolition of the Slave Trade
Rare Rank: 28
Guide Value: 3.52
Checker Chance: 1 in 96 coins
Circulation: 8445000
2009 Robert Burns
Coin Name: 2009 Robert Burns
Rare Rank: 15
Guide Value: 3.30
Checker Chance: 1 in 283 coins
Circulation: 3253000
2009 Charles Darwin
Coin Name: 2009 Charles Darwin
Rare Rank: 24
Guide Value: 3.29
Checker Chance: 1 in 137 coins
Circulation: 3903000
2010 Florence Nightingale
Coin Name: 2010 Florence Nightingale
Rare Rank: 19
Guide Value: 3.08
Checker Chance: 1 in 250 coins
Circulation: 6175000
2011 King James Bible
Coin Name: 2011 King James Bible
Rare Rank: 9
Guide Value: 5.50
Checker Chance: 1 in 714 coins
Circulation: 975000
2011 Mary Rose
Coin Name: 2011 Mary Rose
Rare Rank: 7
Guide Value: 5.94
Checker Chance: 1 in 1019 coins
Circulation: 1040000
2012 Charles Dickens
Coin Name: 2012 Charles Dickens
Rare Rank: 29
Guide Value: 3.29
Checker Chance: 1 in 81 coins
Circulation: 8190000
2013 Anniversary of the Guinea
Coin Name: 2013 Anniversary of the Guinea
Rare Rank: 22
Guide Value: 3.29
Checker Chance: 1 in 170 coins
Circulation: 2990000
2014 Trinity House
Coin Name: 2014 Trinity House
Rare Rank: 25
Guide Value: 3.29
Checker Chance: 1 in 133 coins
Circulation: 3705000
2015 Magna Carta
Coin Name: 2015 Magna Carta
Rare Rank: 18
Guide Value: 4.35
Checker Chance: 1 in 261 coins
Circulation: 1495000
2016 Great Fire of London
Coin Name: 2016 Great Fire of London
Guide Value: 9.91

Some items of interest:

The 1997 Technology £2 coin was produced with the fourth portrait by Ian Rank-Broadley on the obverse. This is the only version of a two pound coin to have this portrait (with the Queen wearing a necklace) as it was replaced in 1998 with the Jody Clark Portrait. Although interesting, this coin is not particularly rare.

2005 Gunpowder Plot coin has the edge inscription REMEMBER REMEMBER FIFTH OF NOVEMBER. People noticed that some of the letters look to be mis-printed, such as some of the R letters as a P to make (for example) PEMEMBER PEMEMBER FIFTH OF NOVEMBEP.

This is not a mint error, it has been confirmed by The Royal Mint that because of the milling on the edge of the coin lining up with the letter strike, some parts of some letters such as the leg of the R are not clearly visible. This does not make such coins more valuable.

The 2007 Abolition of the Slave Trade coin made for circulation has a fine sandpaper like finish to the silver part of the coin. The version created for coin sets was slightly different and had a smooth finish with the initials DG (for the designer David Gentleman) after the year 1807.

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